Defenseman Parker Waldman (Owen J. Roberts-PA, Bucks Select) named MVP at Liberty National Elite Fall Showcase; All-Showcase Team announced

    11/16/2021 By TopLaxRecruits

    By Chris Goldberg, Posted 11/16/21

    WILMINGTON, Del. – Parker Waldman said as an uncommitted 2022 defenseman he needed to make a statement Saturday at the Victory Events Liberty National Elite Showcase Camp at Chase Field House.

    MVP Parker Waldman (Owen J. Roberts-PA/Bucks Select, 2022 DEF)

    “I knew the time is coming to an end for 2022s and that it was the last time to show the coaches what I have,” said Waldman, of Owen J. Roberts (PA) HS and Bucks Select. “I think it did go well; just the fundamentals, doing the small things right and being consistent all throughout the day led me to success.”

    Waldman showed his skills off well enough to be named the event MVP.

    “I think groundballs and communication were definitely two things that stood out for me,” he said. “Our team did pretty well. In these showcases we’re put into a team where you don’t know anyone and you just have to adapt. I think throughout the day we were able to adapt to each other.”

    Waldman is open to college choice options.

    “I am looking for a well connected program with a good relationship between coaches, the team itself and one that just has a positive environment to be around,” he said “Academically, I plan on studying criminal justice or business.

    “Something I think I can offer is, I believe, good leadership. I can communicate on the field. I think it’s a big factor in the game.”

    Waldman wants to pick a college destination soon, but said the pandemic has taught him to adjust to any situation.

    “Overall, I think the pandemic did limit the amount of recruiting and we just have to adapt,” he said. “I am doing what I can to get my name out there so I can come to a final decision. Yes, it has been a very stressful process and I would like to find a place for 4 years and just be done with this process.”

    The All-Showcase Team from Saturday’s Liberty National Elite Fall Showcase at Chase Field House, Wilmington, DE:

    MVP– DEF Parker Waldman (Owen J Roberts-PA, Bucks Select Elite, 2022)

    Attack – Chase Black (Salesianum School-DE, 302 Elite, 2023), Brendan Dundas (Springside Chestnut Hill Academy-PA, Team 11, 2023), Nicholas Donofrio (Wissahickon-PA, Dukes Young Guns, 2023)

    Midfield – Stevie Pileggi (Springside Chestnut Hill Academy-PA, NXT 2024), Jake Parker (Parkland-PA, Dukes Elite, 2024), Nolan Tully Haddonfield Memorial-NJ, Dukes LC 2023)

    FOGO – Dominic Kemper (Wissahickon-PA, 2023)

    D-Mid / Specialist – Ethan McNally (Malvern Prep-PA, Dukes Elite, 2023)

    LSM – Karson Seth (La Salle College-PA, Dukes Elite, 2024)

    Defense – Parker Waldman (Owen J Roberts-PA, Bucks Select Elite, 2022), Bear Evans (Garnet Valley-PA, Fusion-PA 2022), Kyle Goodwin (Newton North-MA, 3d New England Red, 2023)

    Goalie – Adam Angel (Seton Hall Prep-NJ, Tristate, 2024), Patrick Hogan (Ramapo-NJ, Brotherhood 2024)

    Quotes from All-Showcase Selections:

    SSMF Ethan McNally (Malvern Prep-PA, Dukes Elite, 2023)

    “I felt like I defended well and transitioned the ball into the offensive end effectively. The college coaches were great in teaching us how to communicate with them going forward. My biggest strengths are my game IQ, my overall awareness on the defensive end and my speed. This all comes from great coaching at all levels over the years.”

    DEF Kyle Goodwin (Newton North-MA, 3d New England Red, 2023)

    “I think like everyone my goals were to be seen by coaches, and play more lacrosse. I always try to bring energy to showcases and I feel I accomplished that as well. I always leave events thinking I could’ve done better, and this one was no different. Getting coached by a diverse range of coaches is always awesome. I enjoy picking up little things here and there and adding them into my game, and I feel I got some great instruction that will help my game moving forward. I think my biggest strength as a teammate is my passion, and as a player is my volume. I always try to be loud and vocal to organize the defense.”

    MF Stevie Pileggi (Springside Chestnut Hill Academy-PA, NXT 2024)

    “My top goal going into the showcase was to show off my left hand. I was successful because I ended up having a left handed goal in every game, which improved my performance. I received valuable tips from my coaches throughout the day. For example, I was told by the Hopkins coach that when I make my dodge down the alley I need to take that extra step to free my hands just a little bit more for a better shot. I feel that my biggest strength is a right handed step down shot. Another one of my strengths is my work ethic. I believe that I work the hardest, I’m always the first one to practice and last one to leave.”

    ATT Nicholas Donofrio (Wissahickon-PA, Dukes Young Guns, 2023)

    “The one thing I think went well during the showcase was adapting to my teammates. Also, playing patiently, not forcing things when I didn’t need to. Coming out of the showcase I learned more about communication with coaches. Fast responses and good communication with the coach is something I took away from it. Also, being more confident in myself when It comes to adapting to a situation and a team. I think some of my biggest strengths are my ability to see the field, making the right play when needed, and using my body to get into defenders. Also, having a good change in direction.”

    ATT Chase Black (Salesianum School-DE, 302 Elite, 2023)
    “I felt comfortable with the atmosphere of the showcase and with the coaches’ direction.
    Attending these showcases is always a benefit because you are getting direct coaching from these coaches. I think continuing to learn from these coaches always helps with preparing for the collegiate level. I am a motivated student athlete who understands what it takes in the classroom and on/off the lacrosse field. I am very hard working and a coachable teammate. I think at this showcase the coaches saw my passing vision and hustle plays with ground balls and an ability to work the offense”

    LSM Karson Seth (La Salle College-PA, Dukes Elite, 2024)

    “What went well for me in the showcase was going 1-on-1 against the attackmen and middies, making them give up the ball or make a bad pass. I also did well in the transition, bringing the ball up and getting it down to my attackmen so we could score off the fast-break as we did. I learned from the showcase that you have to have confidence in yourself because if you’re scared to do what you can do then it will let your team down. My biggest strength is going one on one with anyone and not needing a help slide. Another strength is that I am quick so I can show like I’m going to slide, then get right back to the person I’m guarding. In transition I’m fast and I can bring up the ball.”

    ATT Brendan Dundas (Springside Chestnut Hill Academy-PA, Team 11, 2023)
    “I was focused on displaying my ability to be a ‘QB’ at X. I knew that, in order to be successful, I would have to use my quick feet and my size to my advantage. I also wanted to be sure that I communicated with my teammates, so that we could thrive as a unit and not just as individuals.In the showcase. I was able to meet my goals and compete at a high level. I ended up dodging from all over the field, which was new to me, but I’m always working to be a threat from anywhere on the field and I was able to showcase that this past weekend. Coming out of the event, I have reassured myself that I can be one of the top players on the field at any time. I now am confident in my ability to lead an offense to productivity, no matter the circumstance. The direct interaction with high level college coaches will help me improve myself as a player and person. Two big things that coaches recommended were that I should waste no time in getting into my dodge, and that I should really emphasize separating my hands from the stick of my defender when I shoot. I will take these comments to heart as I continue to train and hone my skills.”

    DEF Bear Evans (Garnet Valley-PA, Fusion-PA 2022)

    “I spent a lot of time in the off-season working on my game and athleticism, and I wanted to see if the things I worked on improved my play. I learned that what I did in the off-season is working. I grew three inches and gained 20 pounds and I wanted to see how well I could move. My confidence is growing within myself and I know I can compete with the top players in the area. My strengths are my off and on ball defense, my ability to clear the ball, and my communication with my teammates on the field.”

    FOGO Dominic Kemper (Wissahickon-PA, 2023)

    “I felt comfortable and was able to show the coaches everything I had to offer. I feel like I gained confidence knowing that I can compete with some of the best players. Some strengths that I feel like a college coach would be looking for in me are accountability and being coachable.”