Victory Event Series SuperFan Service

Simplify your ultimate lacrosse weekend at the Victory Summer Cup! Rent tents, coolers, lounge chairs, wagons, tables, and ice for the Summer Cup directly from Victory. Order online and pick up onsite! Save room in the car or the checked luggage on the flight. It couldn’t be easier!

Available for 2021 Victory Summer Cup!


Items Available
2 Folding Camp Chairs$25
Folding Wagon, 4 Wheels$60
60 Quart Rolling Cooler$30
6' Fold-in-Half Plastic Table$40
10'x10' Straight-Leg Tent$100
10 Lb Ice Bag$7



Your order must be picked up 30 minutes before your team’s first game on Saturday at the Welcome Tent.

Your order must be dropped off within 30 minutes after your team’s last game on Sunday at the Welcome Tent.

If not returned on Sunday, you will be charged your full order amount again.

You are responsible for storing your order overnight on Saturday. You may leave it at the Welcome Tent. Please know that the facility does not have overnight security.