By Chris Goldberg, Posted 11/12/22

    WILMINGTON, Del. – Team Money (PA) 2024 surprised even its own players with its success today at the Liberty National Elite Fall Showcase at Chase Fieldhouse.

    “It’s awesome, I was really not expecting us to be this successful,” said Nathan Campisi, a 2024 defenseman from Cumberland Valley. “We just put it together.”

    Campisi meant that his team had not played a fall tournament and had minimal practice since the summer when the club focuses most of its energy. But Team Money dominated its three games in the 2023/24 division, claiming three wins by a combined score of 23-6.

    “The big thing was communication,” said Campisi. “I love these guys; we’re all family. After not seeing the guys since the summer except for a few at practice, it’s like a family reunion for us to go to a tournament and have this type of team chemistry.”

    Team Money’s three wins: 8-1 over True Minnesota, 6-2 over the Dirty Birds, and 9-3 over Wasatch LC.

    “I think our chemistry from the summer carried over,” said 2024 attackman Peter Gaudion (Trinity HS). “We worked really hard and I think we were at some big tournaments and played some good teams -I think that built us up.

    “We did a lot of talking, had the off-ball movement and we were adjusting on the fly. We had two different offensive sets and today and whenever the defense was playing out on us we’d go into one set and when the they weren’t we’d go into another. We were working as one unit.”

    The Team Money defense also was efficient, allowing only two goals per game.

    “It’s really good to see everyone come together and find a lot of success,” said 2024 defenseman Ty Heilman (Red Lion). “I haven’t seen a lot of the boys, so it was a lot of fun.”

    Added 2024 defenseman AJ Koller (Cocalico): “We were talking and playing good off-ball defense. The chemistry just comes together.”