, Posted 6/30/22

    You want a close defender you can count on to lock down a top attackman or an offensive middie? How about a pole who can transition quickly to offense, either as a defenseman or an LSM?

    And now, White Knoll HS (S.C.) 2023 Tucker Knight is learning to face off. Talk about versatility.

    That’s what makes Knight, who has started three years in high school and plays for Lake Monsters LC, a player to watch at the Victory Events July 8 ATL Elite 150 Showcase at Franklin Gateway Sports Complex in Marietta, GA.

    The event has openings for midfielders and defensemen. Click here to register.

    “When I was younger I played close,” said Knight. “I got rid of that chubby body and transitioned into more of an LSM. But now at the high school level my coach puts me down low because he says he doesn’t have to worry about me. I can push transition from close and start a fast break.”

    Knight was an All-District pick this spring and also a team captain for the Timberwolves. He is looking to improve his footwork as he gears for the ATL Elite.

    “I want to go against the best they have there and even if I get beat in certain situations it fuels me to get back out there at it again,” he said “I want to be the best.

    “I am currently working on my footwork. Obviously, you always want to get better there. I want to get faster, but I also want to get better at changing direction more quickly so when (attack) changes direction I can stay with them.”

    Knight said he’s gained much speed in recent years after suffering from a torn hamstring as a freshman.

    “I am finally fully healed and I have gotten faster,” he said. “I’d say my biggest strengths are my stick placement; I like to keep their hands busy and their hands contested. I’ve also gotten better at communication. Our team is very young, so I have to talk them through stuff.”

    What type of school is Knight looking for?

    “I am looking at all divisions,” he said. “It doesn’t bother me as long as the college suits me and allows me to succeed. I also like a smaller school and one that’s close to the surrounding states of South Carolina.”