Cheng Headlines All-Showcase Team at Liberty National Elite Fall Showcase

    By Chris Goldberg,

    Mark Cheng said his teammates made it was easy to succeed at Saturday’s Liberty National Elite Showcase at the Proving Grounds in Conshohocken.

    “I think the great thing about this showcase as compared to others is that I had really great teammates that understood ball motion and cycling,” said Cheng, a lefty 2022 attackman from Miramonte High (CA) and the Duke’s Lacrosse Club. “That helps your 1-on-1 game; having people cut instead of standing in the middle really helps your passing ability and helps you get goals. I think I had a really good team and happy with how we played today.”

    Cheng had enough success to earn the Showcase MVP award as voted by over 60 college coaches in attendance for the event.

    Cheng flashed his smarts along with his solid dodging and passing abilities all day. However, he knows he must continue to improve.

    “I like my dodging ability; I am working on acceleration and ballhandling,” he said. “I think any team can trust me dodging and looking for people. My major weakness is my right hand, but hopefully next year it will be resolved.”

    The full 2019 Liberty National Elite Fall Showcase Team consisted of the following players:


    #2 Mark Cheng 2022 Team 5 Dukes Elite
    #2 Mark Cheng 2022 Team 5 Dukes Elite
    #7 Kai Goo 2021 Team 5 Hammers
    #16 Daniel Merida 2021 Team 4 Team Maryland
    #25 Mason Scott 2021 Team 3 Rock Baltimore
    #8 Charlie Huntley 2022 Team 4 Dukes Elite
    #20 Joey Parisi 2021 Team 6 NJ Riot
    #29 Ryan Bradley 2021 Team 4 Upper Level
    #8 Charlie Huntley 2022 Team 4 Dukes Elite
    #44 Ryan Poston 2021 Team 5 Black Bear
    #46 Kellen Seth 2021 Team 6 Dukes Elite
    #28 Noah Bell 2022 Team 2 Sidewinders
    #35 Harrison Gavin 2021 Team 1 Blak Widow
    #40 Shane McEntire 2021 Team 3 Bucks Select
    #41 Ian McGlynn 2022 Team 6 DC Express
    #42 Chris McKiniry 2021 Team 4 Headstrong Lehigh Valley
    #52 Lance Bruno 2022 Team 6 Dukes Elite
    #57 Ryan Yee 2021 Team 4 Dukes Elite
    #61 Gino Nave 2022 Team 5 Chosen LC
    #63 Andrew Tucker 2022 Team 6 SJ Shamrocks
    #64 Tyler Yang 2022 Team 6 Cavalier Lacrosse
    #67 Benjamin Clark 2021 Team 5 HEADstrong Lehigh Valley
    #76 Alex Kaplan 2020 Team 4 Brotherhood
    #89 Jared Turner 2022 Team 5 DC Express Orange
    #60 Carl Leitert 2020 Team 1 Team Maryland
    #75 Liam Hannon 2021 Team 1 Dukes Mainline
    #83 Austin Peterson 2021 Team 3 Team Maryland
    #95 Cristofero Cucciufo 2022 Team 4 HEADstrong Lehigh Valley
    #98 Bryce Morris 2021 Team 6 Cavalier Lacrosse