Tabernacle, NJ— While Seneca High School remains quiet for the better part of the summer, it was anything but so on the weekend of July 7th-8th. Starting at 8 AM Saturday morning, girls from fourth grade to high school competed across 11 different divisions to try to bring home a trophy for their club team.
    Throughout the divisions there were 8 different programs represented in the winner’s circle and ICON took home 3 of the trophies. The Blue Devils were right behind them taking home the 2023 B and the 2026 divisions. All division winners are as follows:

    2019A—Garden State Elite 2019
    2019B—Hurricanes girls 19/20
    2020—ICON Rohr
    2021A—ICON Sileo
    2021B—Fuzion Lacrosse
    2022—ICON Bassett
    2023A—LI Empire Nassau 2023 Green
    2023B—Blue Devils 2023
    2024—T3 Central 2024
    2025—Moorestown Blazers 2025
    2026—Blue Devils 2026

    Sunday delivered some great action with playoffs and Championship games, but some girls had their sights set on a win off the field. The dance Contest stole the attention in the morning attracting a large crowd in front of the Victory Event Series tent. Competing for an iPad mini, these girls put on a show for about 30 minutes before the winner was crowned.

    While some danced, others shopped. Vender Row was packed all weekend with families looking to take home a souvenir from their awesome weekend. T-shirts and lacrosse gear were flying off the racks while the food trucks had their hands full looking to provide food for over 100 teams.

    Congratulations to all the winners and other participants and a special thank you to everyone else who made this weekend so special for these girls. Get ready to do it again next year! We’ll see you then!