West Chester, PA – The 2019 Boys Summer Slam Lacrosse Tournament dominated the Mid-Atlantic lacrosse world on June 22-23, as more than 5,000 players on 270 teams competed in 23 divisions at Westtown School, Unionville High School, Line Road Sports Complex, and West Chester-Henderson. Eleven states were represented as teams from Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Maryland, Illinois, Texas, Kentucky, Utah, and Florida competed at a very high level of play in 2028 B to 2020 AA divisions.

    College coaches turned out in droves for the event. Nearly 100 coaches stacked the sidelines in search of prospects. Household lacrosse names such as Navy, Penn, Bucknell, Dartmouth, Rutgers, Princeton, Villanova, Georgetown and many more were on hand to evaluate high school players.

    The following teams were named 2019 Boys Summer Slam Tournament champions. All Champions were awarded a team trophy and Victory Event Series championship hats.

    2020 AA: Gaffer Elite 2020. Gaffer Elite was undefeated in their pool. They then went on to beat Swarm in the semifinals and Southshore in the championship both by a close score of (6-5).

    2020 A: MDX Revolution 2020. MDX Revolution was undefeated in their pool. They battled it out with Gonzo in the semifinals and came out with a (6-5) win. MDX then swept Austin Elite HS in the championship by a score of (12-4).

    2021 AA: L4 Elite 2021. L4 Elite was undefeated in their pool. They went to the semi finals with every intention of winning and beat Swarm (12-1). L4 Elite then won a tough game against Southshore in the championship by a close score of (7-6).

    2021 A: Dukes Mainline 2021. Dukes Mainline won a close game in the semifinals against Make A Wish CT 2021 with a score of (7-6). Dukes went on to play HEADstrong Quakers 2021 in the finals and finished with a strong win (5-2).

    2022 AA: PA Roughriders 2022 Elite. PA Roughriders 2022 Elite were ranked first in their pool leading them to play Brotherhood 2022 in the semis. They beat Brotherhood by a score of (4-2) and took that momentum to the championship beating BBL Elite 2022 Helix by a score of (9-2).

    2022 A Red: Black Lab. Black Lab tied for first in their pool with an undefeated record. They beat Gaffer Elite 2022 in semi finals in a (10-7) game. Black Lab then became champs after beating Sidewinders (9-2) in the finals.

    2022 A Black: Team Maryland 2022. Team Maryland was listed as number 1 in their pool after being undefeated after 4 games. They played Upper Level 2022 in the semis and won (8-2). Team Maryland then crushed the Patriot Stars in the championship (10-2).

    2023 AA: Top Caliber 2023 White. Top Caliber 2023 White played a close game against Steps Elite 2023 in the semifinals and came out on top with a (7-6) win. Top Caliber then went on to play Louisville KIngs Select 2023 and beat them by a score of (7-2).

    2023 A: Team Money 2023. Team Money 2023 tied for first in their bracket with a 3-1 record. They won their semifinal game by a score of (8-3) against Gaffer Elite 2023. Then in a hard fought championship game, Team money came up with a (7-6) win against PA Roughriders 2023.

    2023 B: Team United 2023. Team United 2023 was undefeated in their pool with a 4-0 record. They played Upper Level 2023 in semifinals and won (8-4). Team United then beat Hudson Valley Express 2023 in the championship by a close (7-5) score.

    2024 AA: Mesa Futures 2024 Orange. Mesa Futures 2024 Orange had fought two tough games to be named champs. They first battled it out in the semi final against CW Elite Pittsburgh and winning (8-7). Mesa Futures then had to fight even harder to beat STEPS Elite 2024 in the finals (9-7).

    2024 A: True OH 2024 Columbus. True OH 2024 Columbus shutout Hudson Valley Express 2024 in the semifinals by a score of (5-0). True OH then won by five again in the finals against 2 Knights Lacrosse, but this time by a score of (7-2)

    2024 B: Black Bear 2024. Black Bear 2024 played IM3 Lacrosse 2024 in the semifinals and came out on top with a (5-3) win. They then moved on to play Top Caliber 2023 in the championship. After a hard fought game, Black Bear took the (4-3) win.

    2025 AA: Team TEN 2025 Orange. Team TEN 2025 Orange was ranked first in their pool and was the only undefeated team out of the two pools. Team TEN shutout Hudson Valley Express 2025 in a (5-0) semifinal game. Then went on to beat Sidewinders (8-1) in the championship.

    2025 A: PA Roughriders 2025. PA Roughriders 2025 were undefeated in their pool with a 3-0 record. They played Brotherhood 2025 in the semifinals and won (3-2). The Roughriders won another close game to Mesa Futures 2025 Orange in the championship by a score of (4-3).

    2025 B: 2 Knights Lacrosse Squires 2025. 2 Knights Lacrosse Squires 2025 were undefeated in their pool with a 4-0 record. The Knights beat IM3 Lacrosse 2025,who was also undefeated, (5-3) in the semifinals. They then beat MDX – Revolution 2025 in the championship (8-3).

    2026 AA: FCA NE 2026. FCA NE 2026 went into their semifinal game ready to play as they beat Mesa Futures 2026 Orange (8-4). FCA NE followed that semifinal win with a (9-3) win over Team United 2026 in the championship.

    2026 A: Evolution 2026. Evolution 2026 was tied for first place in their pool with Brotherly Love 2026. They played ICON 2026 in the semifinal and won (9-1). Then faced off with Brotherly Love in the championship coming up with a (7-6) win.

    2026 B: Patriot Stars. Patriot Stars finished their pool play with a 3-0 record. They beat Brotherhood 2026 in the semifinals by a score of (7-4). Patriot Stars then played Dukes Young Guns 2026 in the Championship and won (4-3).

    2027 A: FCA MD 2027 Blue. FCA MD 2027 Blue was ranked number one in their pool after going undefeated with a record of 4-0. FCA MD played Mesa Red 2027 in semifinals and won (9-3). Then moved on to beat PA Roughriders 2027 by a score of (9-2) in the championship.

    2027 B: LI Empire 2027. LI Empire 2027 was the only undefeated team out of the two pools. They beat 2 Knights Lacrosse Dukes 2027 (7-5) in the semifinals, and Team Money (8-4) in the championship.

    2028 A: Mesa Futures 2028 Orange. Mesa played a hard fought championship game against FCA NE 2028. After back to back goals, Mesa Futures came up with the (6-5) championship win.

    2028 B: Team TEN 2028 Orange. Team TEN 2028 Orange played their hardest through their bracket games. They not only blew away Mesa Red 2028 by a score of (6-2) in semifinals, but they beat Team United 2028 by (11-5) in the championship.