2023 Victory Event Series Boys Tournament Rules of Play and Guidelines

*Not for Liberty National Elite Classic

Roster Notes

  • All Players and Parents/Guardians must complete the online player waiver prior to participation.
  • NO player may compete or be rostered on more than one CLUB OR TEAM during the tournament. Each player may be submitted on ONLY ONE roster for the tournament. If teams are found in violation of this rule, their games will be disqualified and deemed a loss. This rule is designed to ensure athletes are not playing an excessive number of games over the weekend and to ensure fairness across all teams. For the purposes of group seeding, one of two scenarios will occur:
  • In the event the team in violation loses, the official game score will reflect actual score of the game.
  • In the event the team in violation won or tied the game, the official game score will be changed to reflect a 4-0 loss for the team in violation.
  • No athlete is permitted to participate at a grade level younger than their graduation year.
  • Summer 2023 Roster Exception: Up to three 2023 high school graduates may compete on a 2024 team roster with the approval of the tournament director. If a team needs to roster a 2023, they must seek permission from the tournament director before June 1. This should only be done if a 2024 team needs to supplement its roster.


Field Size

All fields will be regulation size whenever possible. If the field is not regulation size, both teams will be notified by officials prior to the beginning of play.


Boys Faceoffs

  • All players must stand for the faceoff position.
  • All fingers shall be wrapped around the crosse with the hand closer to the throat of the head in a palm-up position (no motorcycle grip allowed).
  • Crosse head and gloved hands shall be touching the ground.
  • Faceoff players must play the ball first.
  • Wing players must avoid checking the faceoff players battling while down in a defenseless position for control of the ball in the initial faceoff spot.

Game Format/Rules

  • All games will start promptly at the assigned times.
  • Two, 22-minute running halves; teams change direction after the half.
  • Halftime will be two (2) minutes, running clock.
  • Continuous Clock, which will be kept by the field coordinator and communicated to the referees. In case of an injury in the final two minutes of the second half, referee will stop the clock and work with the field marshal/Director on correct time of the game when the game is restarted.
  • One 30 second timeout per game per team. Clock does not stop; therefore timeouts cannot be called in the last four (4) minutes of the game. Penalty time does stop during a timeout.
  • Only three (3) coaches are permitted on the sidelines during the game.
  • Referees can stop the game for any reason that he/she feels fit. Examples include serious injury, weather, etc.
  • Time Serving Penalties – Penalty time will be kept by the field coordinator. Penalty time served is time and a half. Penalty time stops on all timeouts.
  • The official score will be kept by both the table staff and one of the game officials. The staff and referee will confer throughout the game and stoppages to ensure the correct score. Coaches are to sign the score sheet following the game.
  • All substitutions are on the fly.
  • Limited body-checking, excessively big hits and physical play (even within five yards of a loose ball) constitute unnecessary roughness and will result in a 1-minute penalty. The Tournament Directors and Staff consider the safety of each player our first priority and we expect coaches and players to understand and abide by this philosophy as well. The officials are expected to protect and promote the safety of all players.
  • If a sidelined player(s) leaves his/her team bench to engage in an on-field altercation, that player will be removed from the tournament and their team may have to forfeit.
  • Player(s) who engage in antagonistic behavior (verbal assault, fighting etc.) may be removed from games or suspended from the tournament.
  • Officials and Tournament Directors have final say on interpretations and rulings.
  • MERCY RULE applies to YOUTH DIVISIONS ONLY (not Men’s/College or 2024-2027) when there is a seven (7) goal deficit. This will be applied in 10v10 pool games (not 10v10 playoff or championship games) and all 7v7 games (pool, playoff, and championship). Teams down by seven (7) or more goals will be awarded the ball at midfield in lieu of a face-off. Team being awarded the ball has the choice to face off if they choose.
  • The appropriate equipment and mouth guards must be worn by athletes at all times.
  • High School (2024-2026 divisions) will play by NFHS Rules with the following exception:
    • Clearing teams have 30 seconds from gaining possession to advance the ball inside the offensive box. 
  • Youth teams will play by USA Lacrosse Rules. Tournament Rules listed in this document supersede USA Lacrosse Rules.
    • 2027/2028: 14U (Full stick checking is legal except for one-handed checks, body checking is legal but not ‘take out’ checks, 30 second ball advancing count is used).
    • 2029/2030: 12U (Normal longpole rules apply, man up/man down is played, some body contact and stick checking are allowed but body checking is illegal, 30 second ball advancing count is used).
    • 2031/2032 10v10: 10U (Max of three 47”-54” longpoles on the field, no man up/down, body checking is illegal, no ball advancing counts).
      • 10v10 10U Tournament Exceptions:
        • One Pass Rule is not in effect for 10v10 games.
        • Mercy Rule: If a team falls behind by 7 or more goals in 10v10 pool games (per Tournament Rules), they are awarded the ball at midfield after they’ve been scored upon.
    • 6v6/7v7 Exceptions
      • Games will be played according to USA Lacrosse’s 10U 7v7 Boys Lacrosse Rules, except when otherwise outlined in the general Tournament Rules.
      • Games are played 7v7 (1 Goalie or Hector, 2 attack, 2 middies, 2 defensemen, holding two field players behind the midline at all times).
      • Games will be played on a shortened field (60-70 yards long and 40 yards wide).
      • Ball Advancing Counts: No offensive 10-second count, defensive 20 second count, or stalling rules will be used.
      • Checking: Body checking NOT permitted.
      • Faceoffs: Play starts at the beginning of each period and after each goal with a faceoff. Wings must be positioned to the left or right of their faceoff man, at the intersection of the sideline and the midline, or *A wing midfielder may be positioned below the defensive restraining line on a faceoff.* Defensemen and attackmen must remain behind the goal line extended until the referee signals possession.
      • NO man-up/man-down. Penalized player comes off the field and serves designated time for a Technical or Personal Foul. The penalized player may be replaced, and teams will stay at full strength.
      • ALL one-handed checks will be called slashing penalties, including one-handed stick checks that do not make contact. They are still considered a slashing penalty and will be assessed a 1-minute foul.
      • Mercy Rule: If a team falls behind by 7 or more goals, they are awarded the ball at midfield after they’ve been scored upon. This will apply in both pool play and playoff/championship games.
      • One-Pass Rule: The One Pass Rule will not be in effect.
      • Referee has the right to waive off a goal that has been deemed to be “bowled in” by the player or launched from midfield and bounces “luckily” in.
      • Coaches should discourage double-teaming.
      • Max 3 Long Poles (47″ – 54”) on the field, per USA Lacrosse 10U 7v7 Rules.

Tie/Forfeited Games

  • There is no overtime in Pool Play. Tie games will end in a draw and each team will receive 1 point towards their pool standing.
  • In playoff play (not a championship), there will be a four (4) minute sudden-death overtime period followed by a 3 v 3 plus goalie Brave Heart competition until a goal is scored. In Championship games, we will play 4 minute overtime periods until a goal is scored (we will not go to brave heart in a championship final).
  • No time-outs in playoff overtime.
  • In case of a forfeited game the score in the standings will be reflected by a score of 4 to 0.


Seeding Criteria in Pods/Group

  1. Overall record based on points; teams receive 3 points for win, 1 point for a tie, 0 for a loss.
  2. Head-to-Head W-L Results.
    1. In three-way ties, Head-to-Head W-L Results may or may not be applied at the discretion of the tournament director depending on number of games played between the tied teams and number of playoff spots available.
  3. Goal Differential (Total Goals scored minus goals allowed); maximum of seven (+/- 7) per game.
  4. Least Number of Goals Allowed
  5. Most Number of Goals Scored
  6. Number of Shutouts



  • Only Head Coaches are permitted to address the officials; and do so in a respectful manner.
  • Any player ejected from a game will also be disqualified from the next game regardless if it is a playoff game or not. If ejected player plays in the following game, he will be ejected from the tournament and his team will be penalized three (3) minutes non-releasable.
  • Head Coaches are responsible for any of their club’s unruly players, asst. coaches, and fans.
  • The Tournament has a one-strike policy for coaches and players. That being said, the Tournament Staff, the Victory Event Series, and the Pattison Sports Group have the right to remove any coach, player, or fan from the tournament at their discretion. In the event of a warning, coaches and players will be notified and any further incidents will result in that coach or player’s removal from the lacrosse tournament.
  • Poor sportsmanship, taunting, trash-talking, fighting, or other unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated from coaches, players, and fans.
  • Referees will notify the Field Coordinator, who in turn will notify the Tournament Director immediately of any warning given to a Coach, Player, or Fan. Accordingly, the Tournament Directors will be made aware of all incidents throughout the Tournament.
  • Coaches who are removed from the Tournament will be revaluated at the conclusion of the event, at which point their teams acceptance into future Pattison Sports Group events will be addressed.
  • Please speak to a Tournament Director at the head tent about any problems that may arise during the weekend. Please instruct your parents not to come to the tent. Only coaches or club directors should be approaching with questions or concerns.
  • Respect your team, your opponents and the game always.
  • Set a good example for your players.
  • Most importantly enjoy the tournament and have fun!